[Self-care] A Playlist: Inspiring and Comforting Tunes After Orlando 2016

As this is slowing turning into a TESOL and self-care related blog, I figured I would share this here in the hopes that it might benefit some others.

What happened in Orlando hit me very hard, and if you are FB friends with me or follow me on Twitter, you could probably see the impact it had on me. If you know me personally, then you’ve probably seen the toll it has taken on me. Since the attack (and because of a long list of things I’m trying to finish at the moment), I haven’t been taking very good care of myself. I’ve been lashing out at friends- people who love and care about me. I’ve been binge eating and not sleeping very well or very long. I’ve been anxious and having panic attacks. And finally, as I’m writing this, I’m noticing that I might even be coming down with a cold.

So, I had to think about what I could be doing to improve my mental state. As mentioned here before, I really love music. One of my hobbies (if you can call it that) is making playlists with different themes. While assembling a playlist of inspirational songs to help me be cheerful again, I found comfort by putting this playlist on to do work to. Now, I’m starting to feel like my old self again.

I thought I would share this playlist. I made this as a way to stop the tears from one of the most tragic events in recent LGBTQ history. My hope is that maybe someone else can comfort from these songs.

Inspiring and Comforting Tunes After Orlando 2016

  1. Strive – ASAP Ferg featuring Missy Elliott (Rap/Crunk&B) [Explicit]
  2. CAN’T STOP THE FEELING – Justin Timberlake (Pop)
  3. Raise Your Glass – P!NK (Pop)
  4. Gonna Find My Love  – Brandy (R&B/Pop)
  5. We Can Work It Out – Sweetbox (R&B)
  6. Rough Water – Travie McCoy featureing Jason Mraz (Pop/Rap)
  7. Weightless – Natasha Bedingfield (Pop)
  8. Can’t Help Who You Love – Ledisi (R&B/Soul)
  9. So Small – Carrie Underwood (Country)
  10. Rise Up – Andra Day (R&B/Acoustic)
  11. Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel (Pop)
  12. My Measure – lecca (Japanese/Dancehall/Reggae)
  13. Hasta Que Salga el Sol – Don Omar (Latin pop/Dancehall)

Let me know in the comments- What songs do you find comforting? My music tastes are all over the place, and I would love to expand this playlist.

Take care of yourselves, everyone.


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