My 2017 #teacher5aday Pledges

Taken from @Clare2ELT. She encouraged me to pledge, and man- I need some wellbeing in my life this year. Here we go!

My pledges are a bit self-centered and abstract, but that’s what I need to work on this year- building myself up again so I can be great to others!

To keep up my wellbeing in 2017, I pledge to…

#SAYNO – I am fortunate to be presented with many academic and scholarly opportunities, and I’m always very honored to participate in the conferences and guest lectures I’m invited to give. But how can I take care of myself if too much is on my plate? How can I even tend to everything on my plate if I have too much? Quality over quantity after all.

#EXERCISE – Teach Zumba at least three times a week (this is easy because it is my job). Bike to school more. Take the stairs. Get out of my chair at least once every hour.

#SOCIALIZE – Hang out with my partner more. Have conversations with others during breaks. Plan social events with friends and do not flake.

#FORGIVE – Practice compassion with myself and others. Build others up. Be a positive influence instead of being toxic to others.

#BEMYSELFUNAPOLOGETICALLY  – Be enthusiastic. Be positive. Be optimistic. Be energetic. Smile. Laugh. Joke. I won’t let others’ negative impressions of me change who I am around them (it’s not my problem).


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